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Why Join Us

FireFan is an awesome game and it will be the Facebook of Sports.  We are really excited to start working with so many Pubs – Sports Bars – Bars – Cafe’s around the world that want to participate in Real Time Sporting Events!  While for many of the new pubs and sports bars we are reaching out to there is no way to generate revenue inside the game there is a way to generate revenue being involved with the game.

Welcome To Sports Hub Oz!  

We invited our favorite sports bar into the game and the owners put one simple question back to us.  Q How will this game help us get new customers when in the app there are so many leagues inside the game – How can we stand out and get new customers to visit our place of business? A – In Sports Hub Oz your venue can stand out for FireFan Fanatics looking for venues that they can come and play in – meet friends & get rewarded in Sports Hub Oz Potential Customers Can:

  1. Look up venues in their City in seconds
  2. See any games any venue is promoting The Name Of Their League and the Rewards Code that will give them FREE tokens if they are new to FireFan
  3. See any Specials you may be running for game day or evening events – Drink Specials – Food Specials and more.
  4. See any Prizes You May Give Away For The Top Player On The Leader Board For The Day!  – This Will Generate Business!

At the end of the day it’s about getting customers to enjoy your venue and engage in the FireFan Game.  With us bringing on major sports this will get really huge.  Cricket – Baseball – Soccer – NBA basketball  & More this will only add value to your venue as FireFan Fans and New Customers spread the word about your venue in Sports Hub Oz.


Our Pages in the site are Indexed by Google and easily searchable.  Your page can be updated easily to keep your customers updated with any new events or specials photos and more.  We believe that as we get more and more sporting venues on board this will help bring your place people that normally would not know about your venue at all so to help you we are giving you the following:


  1. Free Listing For Life it goes for 5 years then just simply renew FREE
  2. The Person that invited your venue here will supply you with a code that will help all of your customers enjoy FireFan Free for their first time playing the game
  3. You have the ability to take a Premium MVP Listing for your state or city so that if someone is searching Sports Bars in Dallas your listing can show up in the top ranking for your city.
  4. You can just take advantage of upgrade modules in your listing anytime you want or just stay on the FREE account
  5. You can place photos showcasing your venue and your weekly and Game Day specials.  This is an awesome way to keep people coming back.
  6. Customers can write comments about your venue and give you ratings this will help new customers to know that your place is a great venue to visit.

With advantages like these you get the opportunity to really stand out in your community and with new customers as well.  We also have some Printing packages you can order that will really add the special touch to your Venue as well promoting the game and your venue at the same time. (Packages Available Soon – A Tab Will Be Added Soon) 



Welcome to SHO-TIME League For Pubs – Sports Bars – Sports Cafe’s That Want To Offer A New Real Time Gaming Experience To Their Sports Fans/Customers!

We Are Gaining Global Customers Just Like When Pubs & Bars Started With Poker In Their Venues! Apps Are The Hottest Thing On The Planet Now For Young People – Now Linked With Sports & Real Time Action We Are Set To Change The Way We View Sports Forever.

We Give Your Business Everything You Need To Join Us

  •   Featured Listing On Our Site
  •   Advertising On Our Social Sites
  •   1000 Flyers For Your Business
  •   EZ Guide League How To eBook
  •   Your Own Rewards Code That Allows Gamer’s To Play FREE
  •   7 inch Tablet Used For Adding New Players To Your League

Our Real Time Sports App Allows Gamer’s To Make Predictions During Their Favorite Game & Earn Rewards In The Process. Joining Our League Is A Great Way To Get Your Customers Involved With A Really Fun & Exciting Real Time Game Experience – Great For Ages 14 & Up.  We Show You How To Create Your League & Turn It Into An Investment That Pays & Engages Customers Daily!

Facts About Our League:

  • Most Important – Our App Is Not A Gambling APP – No Money Needed To Play This Game (however there are in app purchases available – tokens only) No Cash Ever Changes Hands In The App.
  • No Special Licenses Needed To Hold Game Day Events.
  • We Give Away Player Rewards Like – Cars – Trips To The Big Game – Game Tickets & More – Bars & Pubs Can Set Their Own Prizes For Leaders In Their League Games.
  • Customers From Other Leagues & Games Can Join Your League Which Is Great For Business!

Want To Get Your Venue Earning Extra Income From Sports & Bring New Customers To Your Venue?  Get Back To The Person That Sent You Here Or Contact Us at for more info on how your business can benefit from running our league games in your venue. 


Some Footnotes On Gambling Games:  The following is a guide not law – Our Game Services Are Totally NON Gambling We Just Like Keeping Our Audience In The Know!


Australia  Poker & Gaming Laws CLICK HERE